What Others Say

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge of success and leadership to help students of the Golf Academy of America. Sharing your many resources and experiences was much appreciated."
- Kevin Neisch, Former Associate Director, Golf Academy of America

Student Comments following Golf Academy of America presentation:

"Made me believe I can succeed at what I'm doing"

"Wonderful presentation. It was very informative and gave me some reinforcement for my dreams."

"Mr. Miller's enthusiastic, clear, concise style really gets through and connects with his audience."

"Extremely knowledgeable. Very interesting and extremely positive person. I am grateful that you came to our classroom."

"Re-energized my motivation to be successful."

"I've known Chuck Miller for over 20 years and his motivational ways and energy still inspire me. Anyone lucky enough to attend one of his presentations will not be disappointed."
- Ed Brink, Founder Benno Food Products, Stockton,CA

"When it comes to describing how to be successful,you really hit a home run. Your Success Is Achievable presentation and your enthusiastic speaking style certainly motivated us."
- Judy Burer, El Cajon, CA Fashion and Clothing Consultant,
The Worth Collection , Ltd

"Chuck, just a note to let you know how much we appreciate working with you these past 15 years. Your professional approach and follow through are exemplary."
- Bill Hinge, Atlantic Foods, Sandhurst, England.